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Best in MS 2016 - Best Best Kitchen Remodel

Shane McLendon Builder LLC (previously Home Remedies LLC) won Best Kitchen Remodel at the Home Builder's Association of Mississippi's Best in MS 2016 competition. The project descriptions, photos, and plans are below.


Best Kitchen Remodel


Project description: On the menu today: a new kitchen! We were contacted by this homeowner because while they had already renovated all the other rooms in their house, they had put off updating the kitchen for a little over a decade, but, as we all know: better late than never! The U-shaped kitchen was dark and dreary because of limited lighting (natural and from existing light fixtures), with one wall of cabinets separating the kitchen from the dining area. The kitchen left one with an overall drab feel, and the layout plenty of room to desire something entirely different. 


We began the remodel with demolition down to the studs. Since the cabinet peninsula separating the kitchen and dining area was not load-bearing, no additional support structures needed to be added. The walls and openings were framed to plans. Since you never really know what you are going to find once the area is cleared, in addition to the renovation portion, we also had to repair the outside siding, floor joists, and subfloor due to rotting. 


The old U-shaped kitchen was reconfigured to be an L-shaped kitchen with a large pine table that served not only as usable work space, it also doubled as a sitting area/bar. The tile floor was replaced with cypress wood throughout the kitchen and dining area, and matching wood was installed running the length of the kitchen ceiling. Old Formica countertops were replaced with marble, and the old laundry and water heaters closets were replaced with cabinets and an inviting coffee bar area with a chalkboard wall. 


Perimeter cabinets were custom-built and installed, top and bottom, with fully-extendable drawers for bottom storage, and glass-front shelves for the top storage. Plumbing was re-routed to the right wall upon entering the kitchen for the new apron-front farmhouse sink and new stainless steel dishwasher, and the back wall that once housed the old sink was now graced with a chef-worthy (and jealousy-inducing) stove and ventahood. Subway tile installed on the back two walls complement the new countertops and cabinetry. The entire area was then repainted from a medium blue to a light gray, and black hardware, pendants, and stools were used to accessorize.