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Best in MS 2015 - Best Bathroom Remodel & Best Kitchen Renovation

Shane McLendon Builder LLC (previously Home Remedies LLC) won Best Bathroom Remodel and Best Kitchen Renovation at the Home Builder's Association of Mississippi's Best in MS 2015 competition. The project descriptions, photos, and plans are below.


Best Bathroom Remodel


Project description: This project entails a fairly substantial master bathroom remodel that required an inclusion of a small patio and walk-in closet; both were used in the bathroom expansion. To start, the previous bathroom entry was located between the entrances to two walk-in closets. Upon entering the old bathroom, a double-sink vanity and storage was located to the right of the entry, with the old tub and shower lining a rather long walkway that ended with the commode alcove on the left and a window to the outside patio.


During the remodel, the walk-in closet to the left of the old bathroom was demolished and opened into the old bathrooms space. The entrance to this closet will no serve as the modified entrance to the expanded bathroom. A wall was then fabricated that effectively separated where the vanity ended and the bathtub began, creating two distinct rooms. The vanity cabinets, mirrors, and plumbing in the newly enclosed section were removed, and in its place a "hers" walk-in closet was built. 


When entering the new bathroom, the homeowner will be greeted on the left by a new linen storage area with above-cabinet lighting, with the new water closet relocated further down on the left, enclosed with a double-door of textured glass. On the right sits the new jetted tub. The old separate shower was demolished, and a new curbless/frameless walk-in shower was installed, along with a shower bench. Vertical subway tile lines the walls, with marble accents for trim and a decorative tile band running floor-to-ceiling. Another interesting architectural item to note is the series of arches that have been built into the ceiling.


Moving further into the bathroom, past the new towel warmer, the walkway then dead-ends into a true vanity: a seated dressing area where the lady of the home may prepare for, or wind down from, her day. The back wall of this vanity also displays the brick veneer that was once the side wall of the original patio. Flanked on either side of this vanity sits identical his-and-her sinks with plenty of cabinets for storage and a small glass-front linen storage cabinet.


Total square footage of completed remodel: 289.17 square feet

Best Kitchen Renovation

Project description: Whereas normally we would introduce a project write-up with the words "we were contacted by our client," here, we were actually contacted by a competitor to finish a project that they started! So, we will begin again: our competitor contacted us regarding a project that they initiated, but could not finish due to time constraints. However, the contractor did get as far as demolishing the kitchen, and that is where we came into the picture.


The homeowners newly purchased this house, and while they were overall really happy with the layout and the "bones" of the house, they knew they wanted to update the kitchen cosmetically to match their style. Before, the sedated kitchen and its dark palette was a no-go for our clients' youthful and vibrant vision.


All of the existing cabinetry stayed, but it was freshened with a new coat of neutral paint, right along with the walls. The old tile flooring was removed, and heart of pine flooring was installed throughout the kitchen, as well as in the rest of the home to match. The existing granite countertops were removed, and beautiful swirling green soapstone countertops were installed here, in addition to all the bathrooms in the home. A stainless steel sink was replaced with an apron-front farmhouse sink, and new cabinet and drawer pulls were installed to match. The two pendant lights over the island were replaced with three industrial pendant fixtures, providing much more light for the brightened space. The previous ceiling was then covered with tongue-and-groove paneling.


Two special features of note in this kitchen are the island and the beams. The previous island was torn out, and a new one built from scratch, allowing for specific woodwork detailing as outlined by our homeowners. The island was then topped with marble, slightly overhanging to allow for seating. The other feature is the new wood beams that run the length of the ceiling. While not original to the kitchen, the beams are actually beam "skins," portions of reclaimed beams that were installed during the renovation and attached to the ceiling, giving the appearance of original exposed beams. The beams also matched the refreshed fireplace mantle and hearth area, completing the look.


Total square footage of completed renovation: 324 square feet


Special thanks to our homeowners for entrusting this project with us; without them, none of this is possible. Also, special thanks to Uriel Pineda of Design Studios in Ridgeland, MS, for the winning bathroom design.