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Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time, we get asked questions regarding aspects of our business. We have compiled a short list of them and their answers below. Have a question you think would be beneficial to others, but don't see it below? Email it to info@shanethehomebuilder.com so we can add it to the list!


Q: Do you give free estimates?


A: Due to the high number of calls we are receiving (and we are truly grateful!!!), we have just recently had to update our pricing as far as estimates/consultations go.  For remodels ONLY: if you have already had plans by a design firm drawn up for your remodel, there will be no charge for your consultation. However, if you do not have plans, due to the number of man-hours required for an estimate, there will be a $50 charge that will be applied to your invoice if you decide to have the work done. To discuss your project with Shane, please give him a call.



Q: What areas do you service?


A: We service the Jackson, MS, and surrounding metro area. This includes MOST of HindsMadison, and Rankin counties. Cities: JacksonBrandonPearlFlowoodFlorenceRichlandByramRidgelandMadison, and Clinton. Don't see your city, or live just outside these areas? Call us to discuss your project and location.



Q: What forms of payment do you accept?


A: We accept cash and check. Currently, we do not accept credit cards.



Q: Are you located locally?


A: We are! We are conveniently located in the single-story brick office complex located directly behind the Penn's Fish House off Lakeland Drive, close to the old MS Blood Services building in Jackson, MS. Our physical address is 2084 Dunbarton Drive, Suite A, Jackson, MS  39216. If you are coming to the office and get lost, please call Amanda, and she will guide you!



Q: What's the difference between a remodel and a renovation?


A: A renovation is strictly a freshening of a space, whereas a remodel entails structurally changing a space. For example, a typical renovation would include painting and installing hardwood flooring where carpet once was. An example of a remodel would be us removing walls and creating an open-floor layout.



Q: What is aging-in-place, and how is it beneficial to a senior citizen?


A: Aging-in-place refers to the practice in which senior citizens prefer to remain in their homes or homes of trusted loved ones as they grow older, as opposed to retirement communities or nursing homes. In turn, their homes must be updated or "retro-fitted" to provide safety while also allowing for independence. Some common aging-in-place home modifications include widening and leveling thresholds to allow for wheelchairs and/or walkers, handrails or benches in bathrooms, and replacing a sit-down tub with a walk-in/curbless shower. To learn more, please call Shane at 601-720-3785.



Q: Why haven't I seen you on TV or in the phone book?


A: We firmly believe that word-of-mouth advertising is the best you can get! Plus, with a low advertising budget, we are able to pass those savings along to our customers. Currently, we only advertise in Stages Magazine, and we are a member of the Madison County Chamber and Rankin County Chamber of Commerce.



Q: Do you use subcontractors?


A: While Shane does a fair amount of work himself, we sometimes have to fill in with subcontractors. But don't be alarmed; we understand that anyone we send out to your home will directly reflect on us. This is why we only work with subcontractors that have proven themselves time and time again with excellent work.